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Q: The fuse brand or model is not listed as an option.  How can I use it?
A: Additional fuse models will be available in future updates.  Selecting a similar fuse in the same class by another manufacturer may provide a suitable substitution however be sure to verify trip/arc time and current limiting characteristics.  You can request a fuse model be added to a future update by contacting us at the support email below.

Q: I try to email the PDF labels but they are never received.
A: The application uses Apple’s Mail program to send the email.  The mail app must be properly configured for outgoing mail.

Q: How can I get all four labels filled out?  When I press generate label it only generates the first one?
A: Once you’ve completed the first label press on label 2/3/4 and fill them out before pressing generate labels.

Methodology examples (NFPA 70E Annex D.4):

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