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Who We Are

We are a small team of people that write and distribute engineering software currently for the IOS platform. Lead engineer and designer is Jonathan Gracey who after working in a design career became an Electrical Engineer and learned software design and programming. We can work on special projects for your company please reach out to us with any enquiries.

What We Do

Create easy to use and powerful engineering apps!

Fault Current Finder™ by Octagon Seven LLC:
The easiest to use fault current tool

Remove uncertainty of compliance with NEC and OSHA for equipment and device rating requirements.  The world’s easiest to use short circuit calculation tool.

    • Simple UI navigation, no complicated menus
    • Fast!  Saves time & money during field visits
    • Highest accuracy per unit methodology
    • Easily develop full detailed map of entire distribution system
    • Inexpensive!  Costs a fraction of competative tools
    • Meet IEEE/ANSI C37.13 LV standard for 3 phase symmetrical and momentary fault current

Available for iOS, iPad & iPhone  —  appsto.re/us/xcfIhb.i

Fault Current Finder™ is an advanced system modeling tool. It models an electrical distribution system to determine the available fault current (short circuit current) anywhere within the system.  This useful tool helps Engineers, Electricians and Facility Managers evaluate if devices and equipment such as fuses, circuit breakers, panels, switchboards and switches are rated to meet the maximum available fault current. NEC 2017 440.4 requires dated short circuit calculations for every new HVAC install be made available to the inspector!

Methodology: The internationally recognized gold standard per unit (X & R Networks) methodology is used to calculate available fault current from Utility Transformers, Generators and Inverters.  Additional resistance and reactance factors from conductors, buses and switches are calculated throughout the system. Per unit calculations provide superior model accuracy by independently calculating resistance and reactance throughout the electrical distribution system to develop X & R at each device. Entering custom X and R values provides highest accuracy calculations but generic X/R values specific to each device are also automatically available if X/R is unknown. Compliant with ANSI C37.13 Low voltage equipment standard for 3 phase symmetrical fault current

This app can can be used to help determine NEC (NFPA 70) and OSHA short circuit current ratings (SCCR) , Ampere Interrupting Capacity (AIC) & Interrupting Rating (IR) for over current protection devices (OCPD) and associated equipment such as panels, switchboards, transfer switches, riser buses, disconnect switches, fuses and circuit breakers in systems 600V or less.

Arc Flash Label Calculator™ by Octagon Seven LLC:
The easiest arc flash label calculation tool

Remove uncertainty of compliance with NEC, NFPA 70E and OSHA for arc flash labeling requirements.  The world’s easiest to use arc flash calculation and labeling tool.

    • Simple UI navigation, no complicated menus
    • Fast!  Saves time & money by quickly making and printing arc flash labels
    • NFPA 70E calculation methodology (Annex D.4 & D.5)
    • Support low and medium voltage systems up to 15,000VAC
    • Supports AC & DC calculations (up to 1000VDC)
    • Generate 4 labels per sheet on standard

Available for iOS, iPad & iPhone  — itunes.apple.com

Complex Power Calculator by Octagon Seven LLC:
Take the complication out of complex power

A complex power calculator™ based off the principles of the power triangle: Watts [Real Power], Volt-Amps [Apparent Power], VAR [Reactive Power], Power Factor, angle theta.  Enter in any two values and the others will be calculated: W, VA, VAR, PF, angle.

Available for iOS, iPad & iPhone  —

Contact support@octagonseven.com if you face any other technical issues or have questions.

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